Friends of ABLE

Mission Statement

Working with people with disabilities

Friends of ABLE strives to promote the abilities, which in the past have been left silent. ABLe demonstrates that if one achieves their full potential, this will in turn ensure equal opportunities and full participation in all aspects of the lives for other people with disabilities. Friends of ABLE, with the support of the sponsoring committee aims to promote a better quality of life for all People with Disabilities. We have an expert awareness of the barriers faced by people with Disabilities and has adopted a broad and realistic method towards breaking these barriers.

"The succerss of the project is directly related tothe fact that it was created by Mr George Dineen, Mr Jim Sheehy and individuals with disabilities. It has been developed by people with disabilities for people with disabilities"

"We wish the success of our project to be judged by progression of the individual through full time employment, part-time employment or back to education"

"Integration has and continues to ber an essential component as part of the functioning of the organisation"

About Us

Brief History

ABLE came about when it became clear that there were little or no mainstream employment opportunities for People with Disabilities. This led to a teamwork effort between People with Disabilities registered with Natinal Rehabilitation Board (NRB) and Cerebral Palsy Ireland (now known as Enable Ireland) to secure a project under the Part Time Opportunities Programme (PTJOP) under the auspices of CORI. CPI agreed to act as sponsor to the project and in Debember 1994 ABLE was born.

Board of Management

  • Mr Aidan O'Connor

    Banna West, Tralee, Co Kerry.

  • Mrs Catherine Fitzgerald

    Clash Cross, Tralee, Co Kerry.

  • Mr Ted Fitzgerald

    Clash Cross, Tralee, Co Kerry.

  • Mr Martin Collins

    Oakvilla, Oakpark, Tralee, Co Kerry.

  • Mr George Dineen

    Killeen, Oakpark, Tralee, Co Kerry.


Project Supervisor: Anne Connolly

Anne Connolly started her career with Friends of ABLE as a Personal Assistant to Adults with Disabilities and was based in Pembroke Street, Tralee. She took up the job of Supervisor in April 1999 and currently is the longest serving member of the organisation. Anne is friendly, courteous and has a genuine interest in helping people in addition to being hard-working. She studied Community Workplace Management at the National College of Ireland. Friends of ABLE has continued to flourish under her supervision with more projects and people joining all the time

Assistand Supervisor: Aine McCarthy Roche

Aine started with Friends of ABLE as a part time employee on a Community Employment Scheme and following an expansion of the project she was appointed Assistant Supervisor in February 2016. Aine has a long work history of management in the private sector and has studied extensively in order to qualify for management positions. Her hard work was rewarded with a promotion this February and is on hand as always to deal with all queries and requests for information